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                        Municipal Water Treatment
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                        Municipal Water Treatment

                        Clean water is your goal. However, getting water pure enough to drink can be a complex operation. It requires the right set of chemicals to remove contaminants, a consistent, repeatable water purification process and a complete understanding of government regulations. 

                        With our deep knowledge and understanding of chemical applications and regulatory requirements, Univar Solutions can provide you guidance and expertise to identify the vital chemicals for your water treatment formulation.   Through a team-oriented approach, we offer technical assistance, on-site evaluations and specialized market expertise to address complex water treatment requirements.

                        Univar Solutions offers solutions for both drinking water and wastewater treatment processes.

                        Drinking water

                        Drinking water can be obtained from ground water sources (e.g. wells and aquifers) or from surface water sources (e.g. lakes, rivers or purpose-built reservoirs). The primary aim in water treatment is the elimination of any pathogenic microorganisms so it is safe for consumption. 


                        Wastewater can be obtained from homes, businesses, and industries and delivered to faculties for treatment before it can be reused. The primary aim in wastewater treatment is to remove particles, suspended solids, organic pollutants, nitrogen and phosphorous using a combination of physical, biological, and chemical processes.


                        Our portfolio offers products for many water treatment processes including:

                        + Algae/Zebra mussell control
                        • Activated carbon
                        • Copper sulfate
                        • EarthTec®
                        + Chloramination
                        + Coagulants
                        • Alum
                        • Aluminum chloride
                        • Aluminum chlorohydrate
                        • Aluminum sulfate
                        • Ferric and ferrous chloride
                        • Ferric and ferrous sulfate
                        • Polyaluminum chloride
                        • Polyaluminum chloride
                        • Sodium aluminate
                        + Corrosion inhibitors
                        • Blended phosphates
                        • Orthophosphates Polyphosphates
                        • Potassium phosphates
                        • Silicates
                        • Sodium phosphates
                        • Zinc orthophosphates
                        • Zinc polyphosphates
                        + Dechlorination
                        • Ascorbic acid
                        • Bio-Neutralizer®  tablets
                        • De-Chlor tablets
                        • Sodium bisulfite solution
                        • Sodium metabisulfite
                        • Sodium sulfite
                        • Sodium thiosulfate
                        • Sulfur dioxide
                        + Defoamers
                        • DOW CORNING® silicones and non-silicones
                        + Disinfection
                        • Bio-Sanitizer® tablets
                        • Bleach
                        • Chlorine
                        • Chlorine tablets
                        • Calcium hypochlorite
                        • Salt
                        • Sodium hypochlorite
                        + Filter aids
                        • Activated carboon
                        • Adsorbents
                        • Anthracite
                        • Diatomaceous earth
                        • Greensand Plus™ 
                        • Perlite
                        + Fluridation
                        + Nitrification/Denitrification
                        • Acetic acid
                        • Ammonia and nitrogen sources
                        • Dextrose
                        • Methanol MicroC™ 
                        • Nitric acid
                        • Phosphoric acid
                        • Sodium acetate
                        • Sugars
                        + Odor control
                        • Activated carbon
                        • Bleach
                        • Calcium nitrate
                        • Ferrous/ferric salts
                        • Hydrogen peroxide
                        • Potassium permanganate
                        • Sodium permanganate
                        • Neutralac® SLS 45 HR
                        + Oxidation
                        • Hydrogen peroxide
                        • Liquid permanganate
                        • Potassium permanganate
                        • Sodium chlorite
                        • Sodium permanganate
                        + pH adjustment
                        • Calicum hydroxide
                        • Caustic potash
                        • Caustic soda
                        • Hydrochloric acid
                        • Lime
                        • Magnesium hydroxide
                        • Muriatic acid
                        • Neutralac® SLS
                        • Phosphoric acid
                        • Potassium hydroxide
                        • Quicklime (Calcium oxide)
                        • Sodium bicarbonate
                        • Sodium bisulfate
                        • Sodium carbonate
                        • Sodium hydroxide
                        • Sulfuric acid
                        + Phosphorous removal
                        • Aluminum chloride solutions
                        • Aluminum sulfate
                        • Univar coagulant 1850
                        • Ferric chloride
                        • Ferric sulfate
                        • Sodium aluminate
                        + RO/ultrafilitration/membrane
                        • Antiscalants
                        • Antifoulants
                        • Biological fouling treatment
                        • Biofirm bacterial removal
                        + Settling/sludge dewatering
                        • Anionic polymers
                        • Cationic polymers
                        • Coagulants
                        • Hydroxides
                        • Nonionic polymers
                        • Hydroxides
                        • Nonionic polymers
                        + Softeners
                        • Calcium hydroxide
                        • Sodium chloride
                        • Salt pellets
                        + Miscellaneous
                        • Alcohols
                        • Calcium chloride
                        • Defoamers
                        • Dionizer (DI) water
                        • Magnesium chloride
                        • Mineral oils
                        • Resins
                        • Vinegar
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