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                        Chemical Consolidation Solutions
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                        Chemical Consolidation Solutions

                        Custom supply chain consolidation support 

                        One of the key specialty services offered through our Corporate Accounts team is our Chemical Consolidation Solutions (CCS); a team of project managers fully dedicated to helping optimize your supply chain and tail-spend materials. By leveraging our expansive infrastructure, global reach and product breadth, we can help your business find opportunities to unlock more value by helping you reduce total cost of ownership.

                        Reduce procurement complexity

                        Given its characteristics, tail-spend is not often managed, tracked or quantified as well as traditional raw material spend .Yet, despite this complexity, tail-spend optimization can be used as a vehicle to drive bottom-line performance.  

                        One of the primary contributors of this tail-spend complexity is a proliferation of vendors, which results in costly and complex supply chains. In many cases, there are hidden operational externalities that outweigh the benefits of potential raw material savings. These hidden administrative and operating costs can be challenging to identify, quantify, and track.  

                        Our CCS team has developed a proven model with customized methodology that can help your company move from a complex and costly system of chemical tail-spend vendors, to a centralized and streamlined portfolio of products. Our model has the capability to help you identify and quantify total cost of ownership savings, including tough-to-track areas like process efficiency savings.

                        Optimize your tail-spend to impact your bottom line 

                        Chemical Consolidation customers realize a range of short term and long term tail-spend benefits, all of which our team will help to quantify to ensure detailed tracking of the true impact and return on all consolidation efforts. Benefits can include:

                        • Supplier reduction efficiencies
                        • Invoice management cost savings
                        • Inventory savings
                        • Payment terms harmonization
                        • Productivity savings

                        Download our recent CCS Case Study, outlining how one of our global specialty chemical manufacturing customers realized nearly $3M in tail spend savings and other benefits through our Chemical Consolidation Solutions.

                        Download our Chemical Tail-spend Consolidation white paper 

                        In this White Paper, Jake Riley, Director of Commercial Operations for Corporate Accounts, walks through the key strategic considerations for any potential Chemical Consolidation project, from managing expectations to developing a clear plan of action.

                        Excerpt: Forward-leaning organizations are beginning to look beyond price points in order to better understand the total cost of ownership associated with managing large portfolios of vendors. Strategically outsourcing the management of tail-spend to large scale distribution partners is a proven way of addressing this problem—and unlocking sustainable value for the organization.

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